Southland Muslim Association December Committee Meeting
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Saturday, 16 February 2019 21:31
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Southland Muslim Association December Committee Meeting
Date: 08th December 2018 Time: 7.00 p.m
Venue: Southland Muslim Association Complex
Agenda: Chairperson: Br. Mohammed Shaizad
1. Previous meeting minutes (6th October)
2. Building Progress report
3. Membership
4. Date of Annual General Meeting
5. General
Attendance: Br Shaizad, Br Imtiaz, Br. Mahamud, Br Riyaz, Br Talib, Br Zakariya, Br Ahmad, Br Shamir, Br Kashiv
Apologies: Br Ashiv(QT), Br Wali, Br Saiyad, Br Nadeem (QT),Br Abdulla
1. Last recorded meeting minutes was read by the Secretary.
An agreed contribution of $ 1000 from SMA account plus brothers’ contribution made up for the Indonesia Tsunami Appeal. As always chairperson has expressed his heartfelt appreciation for an openhanded contribution from SMA members. Total amount transferred to FIANZ account $2,116.20
Moved by: Chairperson Seconded by: Br Talib
2. Building Progress report
Br Shamir worked endlessly with Br Mursad, Zakriya, Dr Wali and Br Waseem for resource consent approval from Invercargill City Council. Further to this, Br Shamir approached 4 Independent engineers for an IEP report. Unfortunately, none of them were available, however in the end G M Designs Ltd was engaged to produce an IEP report for the Masjid. The report stated that the current building (as it is) has failed to meet the minimum standard required under the Building Act. For simplicity, it means the building must withstand at least 67% (65% of us) earthquake resistance of the current structure. Our building stands below that value. As such, to upgrade our present structure and bring up to at least 65% of earthquake resistance we need to append:
- Framing of walls
- 2 xUB- beam
- Diaphragm ceiling, or bracing to roof structure.
- The complete report was given to the President.
Do this prior to any further projects at 31 Fairview; SMA will need to spend roughly around $80,000 plus to bring the current building as is up to the standard.
The total Cost of assessment stands at $10,000 or less. This payment will be made from SMA account. This includes:
- Engineers report - $ 2761.16
- ICC - 600
- Trust/Frame - 115
- Fire Report - 600
- Architectural Services (HPNZ c/ Shamir)
- Initially it was agreed to pay $6000, however Br Shamir has agreed with $4000. All his work has been done and was ready for lodging for building Consent. Copy of the plans will be given to the secretary for records.
Based upon this report, brothers collectively decided not to progress any further with our current structure. The brothers decided this project as not feasible and costly investment. The possibility of complete new structure at the back of our current structure remains open. Another suggestion includes:
- The tender of Masonic Building on forth street
- New land and building masjid
- Other churches or building that can be substituted into the masjid
3. Membership
The cutoff date for membership for 2018 is 31st December 2018. At least 2 years of membership are necessary for voting in 2020.
4. Date of Annual General Meeting
They agreed to an SMA annual general meeting is on 16th of February 2019. That will be the second week of February 2019 after Zuhar Salaat, Insha Allah.
5. General
- Male Toilet direction and usage: Br Talib suggested the male toilet is facing Qibla. Br Talib requested that proper use of latrines is everybody’s responsibility.
- Daras Announcement: Br Mahamud requested to announce the date and time of daras at SMA.
- Janaza Plot/Funds: Br Riyaz and Br Imtiaz are going to write a letter to ICC for Muslim plots and burial method. The Janaza fund was reviewed. The 2019 contribution will be based on family size.
Br Reza, Dr Wali, Br Riyaz, Br Shameer and Br Zakriya are in charge. - Br Talib requested brothers to pray for Br Azril’s well being and make dua for his jaza-e-khair and Taufiq to get well soon.
- Fundraising: there will be fundraising before the end of 2018 according to Br Riyaz.

- The meeting ended at 8.25 pm.