SMA meeting of 6th October 2018
Written by Imtiaz   
Thursday, 11 October 2018 19:01

Southland Muslim Association October Committee Meeting

Date: 06th October 2018

Time: 6.00 p.m

Venue: Southland Muslim Association Complex

Agenda: Chairperson: Br. Mohammed Shaizad

1.      Donation _ Indonesia

2.      Sensor Light_ Front and west side of Building

3.      Building Project progress

4.      General

Attendance: Br Shaizad, Br Rustam, Br Imtiaz,Haji Zambari, Br Nadeem, Mr Mahamud, Br Riyaz, Br Saiyad, Br Talib

Apologies: Br Ashiv, Br Wali, Br Shameer

1.      Last meeting minutes read and recorded.

            Moved by : Br Talib.                           Seconded by : Br Mahamud.

2.      Donation _ Indonesia

It is collectively agreed by the executives to send $ 1000.00 from SMA account plus any additional donations from Southland brothers. Donation box is placed in the mosque. Moved by:  Br Riyaz.                         Seconded by : SMA Executives


3.      sensor Light_ Front and west side of Building

Brothers raised concern of installing sensor light by the front end and west side of the building. Br Saiyad and Br Riyaz are responsible for this project. In addition to this, Br Saiyad donated a sensor light.


4.      Building Progress report

-          Br Shameer has yet to advise the committee about Building plan and projected costs of building extensions.

-          Resource concern is approved by council.

-          Br Shameer is given green light to continue working on the project plan and cost estimate.

-          Project Finance

o   A donation box will be placed in the mosque for this purpose. Masjid development donation box.

o   Receipt books are prepared and will be given to Br Nadeem, Br Riyaz, Br Saiyad and Br Saizad.


5.      General

-          Keys: The tool room key is handed over to Br Shameer, Br Shaizad and Br Imtiaz.


-          Matura Mosque: The Juma Adan is at 1.45 pm. Jamaat at The combination code is C1379.


-          Fundraising: In charge_ Br Saiyad, Br Shaizad and Br Riyaz.



The meeting ended at 7.10 pm. The next meeting will be on ___ December 2018. Insha Allah