Ramadan 1432/2011 Programme
Written by Abdul Azeem   
Friday, 29 July 2011 19:02

Assalam Alaikum Brothers and Sisters

  1. As per FIANZ notice issued today we will all look for the Ramadan Hilal on Monday 1 August 2011 after Maghrib Salat in the SMA Masjid at 31 Fairview Avenue.  Please join us in this blessed activity.  Subject to moon sighting FIANZ will announce the beginning of Ramadan and we will follow accordingly.
  2. We are grateful to FIANZ for providing $2000 contribution towards meeting the expenses for the Hafiz from Malaysia. This year the contributions from local Muslim community was not as good as in the previous years which may be due to decreased numbers in the Community.  Hafiz Ustaz Mohammed Zaki Yaakub is coming from Malaysia to conduct the Taraweeh prayers.  Hafiz Mohammed Faisal Abdullah is coming too on his own expenses to support Hafz Yaakub.  We are blessed with their presence and pray for their safe journey to Invercargill and return to Malaysia and seek a special reward for them from Allah SWT for their sacrifices during this time.  Please take maximum advantage of the presence of these two scholars during Ramadan and learn as much as possible about the Deen, particularly the Al-Quran.
  3. An Iftar Roster has been displayed in the Masjid.  A few places have already been taken up. Please dont give up this opportunity to reap the reward of providing Iftar to the Saa'imeen (Muslims who are fasting).
  4. Alhamdulillah we have been able to construct a proper wudu area within the existing bathroom.  There are four taps for wudus and two additional places (one in the wash basin and one in the laundry tub) where wudu can be performed.  We had to leave the toilet seat in its previous place to get City Council's approval but it shall not be used under normal circumstances.  Please use the two toilets on the Northern end of the building (left of the back door entrance lobby). Please do not bring shoes in the wudu area.
  5. We have now placed a digital lock in the back door entrance so that people without wudu can go directly to perform the wudu from the back door without entering the prayer hall.  The code for the digital lock is availabe in the Masjid.  Please use this new facility for going to the wudu area or to the toilets and try not to use the door between the prayer hall and the kitchen. After making the wuld please come back from the front door of the Masjid.  May Allah SWT reward you for this little incovenience which will help greatly in allowing people in the prayer hall to concentrate on their ibadah without losing concentration.

JazakAllah Khairan and Ramadan Kareem