Written by Imtiaz   
Tuesday, 10 August 2010 09:06

Southland Muslim Association Committe Meeting
7th August 2010 After Maghrib
Members Present:
Br.Azeem, Br.Wali, Br.Japi,Br.Mursad, Br.Ali,Br.Manzoor,Br.Imtiaz Ali,Br.Wahid, Br Shamir, Br Mansoor, Br Manzoor, Br.Abu, Br Imtiaz Mohammed, Br Zahid, Br.Sahizad, Br Reza

1.       Portfolios:
Br Azeem asked whether the existing portfolio holders are willing to continue to accept their responsibilities. They all confirmed their willingness to continue. The need for an additional portfolio of Security and Neighbour Relations was discussed and it was agreed to create this new portfolio.   All presented recommended Br Wahid for this portfolio and he accepted it.
2.       Ramadan:
-          Moon sighting: Southland Muslim Association will follow FIANZ decision for the Ramadan and Shawwal (Eid-ul – fitr) moon sighting. Any brother who sights the moon or receives any information about moon should first inform Br. Azeem.
-          Br Azeem will formally announce the start of Ramadan and Eid-ul-fitr after confirming it with FIANZ
-          Iftaar: Brothers should put down their names on the paper displayed in the mosque. Those days when no one is hosting the iftaar everyone should bring their own food.
-          Cleanliness: Br. Wali will work with brothers to ensure the Masjid cleanliness during Iftar.
-          Br. Abu will ensure that rubbish bags are taken to Mevlana Kebab Shop.
-          Fitrana/ Zakat: Fitrana/ Zakat will be collected in designated boxes and sent to Pakistan Flood victims. Br Mursad will arrange the boxes. Br Wali will send the money. No receipts will be issued as these funds will not enter SMA’s Accounts.
-          Eid Function: This year we will celebrate Eid our in our new masjid Insha Allah. Br Japi will organise the function.
-          Hafiz: Hafiz from Malaysia is arriving on 10/08/2010 at 5.40 p.m. Bro Abu and Bro.Imtiaz will receive him from the Invercargill airport. Bro. Abu will provide him accommodation and Bro. Manzoor will provide the car to hafiz for travelling needs. Any expenses incurred due to use of the Car by Hafiz will be reimbursed to Br.Manzoor including any traffic offences and damages. Br Manzoor will take out any necessary insurance to cover the use of car by Hafiz and SMA will pay any premium.
3.       Car Park: Invercargill city council requires the sealing of whole car park whereas we are sealing up to 20 m. Further clarification from the ICC is to be sought and if ICC insists then we should seal the car park completely.
4.       The spare room adjacent to the kitchen will not be used as a residential place. It will be used for miscellaneous purposes such as office, hosting non-Muslim guests, SMA functions, class room etc
5.       People attending the mosque should avoid parking in front of the shop next to the Masjid.