SMA moving to new Masjid on 7 August InshaAllah
Written by Abdul Azeem   
Wednesday, 04 August 2010 16:42


Alhamdulillah the final inspection by Invercargill City Concil was successfully completed on 29 July 2010.  The formal issue of Code of Compliance will take some time but the ICC Inspector indicated to our Builder that it is OK to use the property now.  We are arranging to lay the new carpets on Wednesday 4 August and move into the new Masjid on Saturday 7 August 2010, InshaAllah. 
Our last Salat at UFS Hall will be the Fajar Salat on Saturday 7 August and after shifting things in the morning we will start praying at the new Masjid from Zuhar Salat, inshaAllah.
Please assist in the pre-movement clean up, laying of carpets, putting up sisters partition etc at our new Masjid at 31 Fairview Avenue today and during the week.  Please contact Brothers Mursad, Wahid, Zahid, Manzoor, Abu, Shahizad, Riaz to give a hand to these brothers who are working hard in this process.
Please keep remembering now and for ever that this achievement for our Community is a very special blessing of Allah SWT for which we will have to be grateful to His liking and acceptance.  One of the most important things will be how responsibly we use this place and in this regard due respect and regard for the neigbours should be at the top of our list.  Remember the famous Hadith about how Jibreel Alayhiassaam visited the Prophet SallaAllahu Alayhi w Sallam one day and kept reinforcing the rights of the neibours until the Prophet (SAS) thought that now Jibreel (AS) might make the neighbour share in the inheritance also!
Pleaes do not let our activities, especially the parking, a matter of inconvience or harm to our neighbours.  Please meet and greet them regularly as muc as possible and present the best Islamic manners which will be the most powerful da'wah you can do.  Please present yourself to them as the Prophet SAS presented himself to his non Muslim neighbours - and you all know that.
May Allah  SWT give us the hidayah and tawfeeq to pray five times daily in the new Masjid with Jamaah which is obligatory for men and be truly grateful to Allah SWT for this Blessing (Aameen)
JazakAllah Khairan
Abdul Azeem