SMA MINUTES 10 July 2010.
Written by Imtiaz   
Tuesday, 13 July 2010 09:10


SMA MINUTES 10 July 2010.
Present: Abdul Azeem, Wali, Abu, Mursad, Wahid, Reza, Shamir
Apology: Imtiaz
Progress on new masjid
1. Painting
Wahid reckons another day with a team of 4-5 brothers will finish painting.
2. Heating
Heaters have arrived to be installed this weekend
3. Builder
-Toilets still need attention. Abdul –azeem and Reza to ring Bob. Builders need reminding on painting toilets floor as well as rubbish to dispose.
-carpets ready to be installed
-Br Wahid to organise clean up
Airfares have been paid, still needs more funding for his salary and other expenses. We also need to find transport for him. Anyone who has a spare car, please let us know.
Still coming in, please hasten up
Direct debit
Please support our organisation through this method
Women’s group
Women’s picnic lunch on Monday 12 July 2010. Plan to meet for Zuhur salat at masjid then pot luck lunch at Queens Park.
Next meeting
Saturday 7 August 2010 after Maghrib, Insha Allah