Minutes of SMA meeting – 13 June 2010
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Wednesday, 23 June 2010 16:19




Minutes of SMA meeting – 13 June 2010 held after Ishaa
Present: Abdul Azeem, Mahamud, Imtiaz, Japi, Mansoor, Fahmi, Mursad, Shamir, Abdul Mutlib, Mohammed Wahid, Shahizad, Abu, Shahruddin, Maruf, Reza.
Apology: Waly, Khaerudin, Mansoor Ali.
Absent: Saiyyad, Nur azman, Ismail.
Progress of new masjid:
Good progress has been made, building ready to get painted. We can start under coat. Br Wahid to take over from Br Mahamud, for the painting project. 
$374 has been raised through the sale of the unwanted materials. 
Heating: The best option for the heating is $5750 for 2 units of 9.5kw Daikin. Brothers from Dunedin will install them free of charge. Electricians cost is $837. Brothers have agreed not to put it too high just in case we may drop the ceilings.  Br Wahid recommended that their quotation be accepted as they are doing it at cost with no installation charges. His recommendation was accepted.
Br Mutlib to remind the quotation for heating from Bob Howden for comparison just in case there is a cheaper option. Br. Abdul Azeem will try to get hold of Br Zubair, as he was going to pay for the heating. Heat pump can be installed after painting. Br Abdul Mutlib to liaise with builder with regards to painting.
 Sheikh Amr may organise a hafiz for Invercargill. Br. Syahrudin has one hafiz lined up from Malaysia (Br Ahmad Azimuddin), pending on our decision. Br. Abdul Azeem will talk to sheikh Amr and then decide. Br. Abu has kindly offered his place for hafiz’s accommodation. The decision on the hafiz shall be finalised within a week
University of the 3rd age will hold a series of lectures of Islam. Dates and speakers are as follows:
 -16 July 2010, speaker: Br Steve Ali
 -30 July 2010, speaker: Br Dr Wali
 -6 August 2010, speaker: Br Abdul Azeem
 -13 August 2010, Speaker: Br Dr Kasri
These lectures are held on Friday from 10am-12pm, at the Presbyterian Church in Windsor, Invercargill.
Janaza Fund
Brothers and sisters have been very slow to contribute to this very important fund. So far only 9 house hold have paid up. Please contribute.
Next meeting will be on Saturday, 10 July 2010, after ishaa, InshaAllah