Arrangements for Funeral
Written by Imtiaz   
Wednesday, 12 May 2010 11:22


Dear Brother & Sisters

Assalam O alakum

I would like to update you about arrangements for funeral in case of unfortunate event in Muslim comunity of Southland.

I have few discussions with J Fraser & Sons Ltd ( corner Esk & Doon Street Invercargill) . They are happy to provide services to us, they can take the body from Hospital/home to there place where they got satisfactory arrangements for Gusul of the body, we can also give Kafen to the body there. As you know it is required by Law to burried the body in Casket, they also provide that. They can trasfer the body from there place to Mosque & to Cemetery.

They also got arrangements to transfer the body to other countries if required. They can also keep the body in there place for few days, in case of family coming from other cities.

The cost of there services is $2500 + caskets the prices start from $600. They agreed to give us discount of 1000$ may be more, as we are not going to use there Chapel.

I am trying to get few things from Fiji or Auckland which we use during burial, Cloth for Kafen can be bought from Spot light.

I would also like to request for the Muslims who haven't paid the donation for our Janaza fund, please try to donate that , you can do it in instalment.